"I have had the honor of helping some wonderful animals and their people. Each has touched my life, and has added to my understanding of and love for the beautiful relationships among all of us sharing this precious planet Earth. " Pam Wright

Kristine and Merlyn

Pam worked with me on two occasions: One related to business, one personal.

I was employed with a pet sitting company and caring for two dogs for the first time. One of the dogs had lost her owner a month or two before and was extremely depressed. I wanted to know how I could comfort and/or assist her—so I contacted Pam. I shared virtually no information but did ask Pam to please ask the dog, “what could I do to help ?” Pam went straight to work easily opening communication with the dog who, as it turned out, really wanted to talk.

Pam listened deeply and compassionately and thoroughly understood everything the dog was saying. She sent me a two-page summary of everything they talked about, which helped me care for the dog in the way she needed.

The other occasion was with my cat, Merlyn. I wanted to know if he had anything to say to me. He and I had fairly clear communication, both of us being big talkers, but I figured there’s always something I’m missing and, lo and behold, there was. He asked Pam, “What took her so long?” (adopting him out . .. and yes, Merlyn was kind of sarcastic and very pragmatic).

Both times, it was clear that Pam was directly communicating with each animal, capturing their “syntax and attitude,” as both had totally different personalities and needs. Pam nailed it. Oh, and she also lives over 2500 miles away from me, and knew nothing about these animals in advance.

I highly recommend seeking her help for all of your animal companions’ needs.



Patricia, Her Cats, and Some Rescued Horses

Pam has helped me many times over the years to better understand the cats in my life, most of whom are feral. As such, we don’t know where they came from and what their experiences were, so it’s not always easy to know how to relate to them or how to help them feel more comfortable in their skin. Her ability to communicate with them has been invaluable, frequently helping me see how to modify my own behavior to better relate to the cats.

Pam has performed the same service for several of the horses at the rescue ranch where I volunteer. Again, many of the horses come from unknown backgrounds, and most of them have been neglected and/or abused. The information Pam gets for us has helped enormously, and I’m sure we’ll continue to call on her.


Valor, one of the horses at Joey’s Home Animal Rescue

Sharon and Kato

Pam has been a friend and colleague for many years, someone I’ve always known I could count on in time of need. When we faced a difficult decision with our cat Kato and couldn’t figure out what to do, we turned to Pam for help. She was able to communicate with Kato and help us make a decision that suited him and us.

I’ve also called on her when relatives were having issues with their pets, and each person was astounded at the difference Pam’s help made. Her skills seem almost magical, but believe me she is the real thing.