Many people who ask for my help with an animal want to know how we can change the animal's behavior--how we can make them healthier, happier, or calmer. Invariably it is the person who ends up changing. Why?

Animals don't have the filters we have. This allows them to be much clearer, more connected to source. They aren't interested in telling themselves stories to ease their anxiety or feelings of unworthiness. They know they're worthy; they know we're worthy.

When an animal's behavior puzzles you it's their attempt bring about balance. They are trying to help you. Accepting their help is a loving, non-confrontational way to help yourself.

When an animal grants me the trust and insight into ways to help, I can help you heal in ways that may surprise you. Actually, it's the animal who helps you; my job is to support the animal who offers healing.

  • "Your" animal will get to talk to you through me (they already intuit what you want to say to them).

  • You will be able to benefit from the wisdom that your friend wants share with you.

  • You will probably learn more than you dreamed possible.