This is one of a number of stories I have included on these pages about some of
the non-human beings who have I have had the honor of connecting with.


This photo of Toby was taken during his last few days in his body.

When a friend asked me to talk to Toby for her niece, Laura, I expected to talk to a cat. That's what Toby looked like to those of us who knew him--a handsome, short-haired, black house cat. That is not exactly who/what I heard from.

As I sat in meditation that morning, centering in preparation for speaking with Toby remotely (he was in the Northwest; I am in Tennessee), I heard the thought that what a being is able to perceive is very much influenced by the form they are in, the consciousness and apparatus through which they are perceiving. At first I thought that was just mind chatter. But within only a few moments I realized it was Toby. He had not waited for me; he got in touch.

Almost immediately I was amazed at the energy and strength I was in touch with. I had talked with Toby once before, a couple of years earlier. But this was different. This was no "ordinary" house cat. The being I was in contact with was--and remains--much larger. Only a portion of his being was focused into Laura's cat companion. And although the appointment Laura had made to help Toby cross over was not for another few hours, he was already partially focused elsewhere. He let me know he was needed for his next job, and he was not in the least concerned about the condition of his physical body here. He knew that body was in good hands with Laura and her husband, Robert.

Toby did give me messages for Laura. I won't mention those here. But he didn't stop there. He allowed me to feel--as much as I could grasp--who and what he is beyond his cat self. It's an experience I treasure.

You might even say Toby was the "cat"alyst for this website and for my decision to make myself available to help. I have been doing this work for several years informally--with friends and family--but not in an organized way. Toby helped me understand how I help, what's important in the work I do, and why the time is now.

My sincere thanks to Toby.